Dancercise Annual Recital 2018

Our 2018 recital takes place Saturday May 19th 2018 at an auditorium in the Twin Cities*. It’s simple, fun and easy for all of our kids and families. Timed to run at one hour or less, and at a cost that is often less than half that of traditional dance studios, we make it easy for you.

Participation is voluntarily but to participate your child does need a Dancercise Kids costume. Costumes ordered before the deadline of January 31st, 2018 are just $45.

See what it’s all about – click the Play button below

Designed for Pre-school Kids!

Participation does require the purchase of a costume from Dancercise Kids. However, unlike some traditional dance studio shows, we keep the costs of participation as low as possible – we want everyone to join in. Costumes are only $45 if purchased by January 31st, 2018 . Orders received after that date are subject to manufacturer availability and their additional shipping and rush fees.

Please note that costumes will be mailed to the address we have on record for you 2-3 weeks prior to the show. If you move in the meantime, please be sure to contact Dancercise Kids and give us a new mailing address.

Costumes can be ordered online here or you can contact us if you have questions.

Although participation is optional, we strongly encourage it. It’s a great way to help build your child’s self-confidence, and every show is unique and special. Every parent leaves with a smile (and a few happy tears). Check out the slide show above to get an idea what it’s like! Or read the parents’ comments from prior years

*we don’t publish details online for security reasons

Compare Recitals
Dancercise Other Studios
Costume Cost $45* $60 and up
Costumes Required Just 1 2 or more
Other Clothing/Equipment None Special shoes, hair, make-up…
Ability Required Everyone Participates Evaluated
Length 1 Hour or less 3+ Hours
Door Cost $8 $10+
Number Of Shows Just 1 3 or more

* if ordered by January 31st, 2018. Orders after then are subject to manufacturer availability and their extra shipping and rush fees.

Slideshow and parent comments from our prior recitals

Dancercise Kids has been a great experience for my daughter! She loves the classes & clearly has a wonderful time in them. The recital was extremely well-done — very age-appropriate & lots of fun for both the participants & the audience! Thanks for offering such a fantastic program!

My child has been in Dancercise about 3 years now. She is 4 1/2 and started when she was 18 months old. This is our third recital and we love it! My daughter looks forward to getting her hair done and her dress and shoes on and can not wait to show off for her family! Although I am taking my child out of daycare for the summer, I am going to continue to drop her off on Thursdays for her class!

We really enjoyed the program. Maegan really enjoys class, as she sings the songs and dances at home. Her eyes light up when we tell her it’s Wednesday. She yells out, Dance class! Ms. Laurie is great with the kids and has a wonderful energy about her. It was a great show. Thank you.

This was great fun for my kids & their grandparents, thanks for giving the kids this opportunity!

My husband and I went to the show with low expectations of our son particapating in the dance. Henry is a bit shy and I thought he may have stage freight especially with me not being right with him the whole time. Boy were we wrong! Henry paid attention to Miss Talia and followed along with smiles and wild energy. My parents were thrilled to see their grandson along with all the other groups also. Just precious!

I believe that having this opportunity at a relatively reasonable price gives families such as mine an opportunity to be able to have something more for Our Daughter. Manook really enjoys her classes and talks about her dance teachers all the time. She dances regularily at Pow Wows and is active that way culturally. Dancercise teaches Manooks others ways of dancing and expressions outside out culture which is every enriching for our daughter. Miigwetch or Thank You in our Ojibwe Language to You!

My Mom has been a Daycare Provider for over 30 years and I worked as a professional Nanny while I attended the U of MN. From my experiences of being raised in a daycare home and providing care on such an intimate level throughout college, I have always known exactly what I hoped to someday provide my own children to ensure they would become well-rounded individuals. Now that someday has arrived (we have 3 children) I am so happy to have discovered Dancercise!

The performances by all of the younger kids were priceless!

My two preschool girls have benefited on many levels – it’s a music, health & fitness, sign language, performance, and dance class all in one. On top of that, it’s great practice for life skills like listening to directions, being part of a group, trying, building confidence, being in front of an audience, and better control of body movement. An added bonus, my girls love the music – they listen to and sing it all the time.

Thank you for not making the show too formal. It really is important at this age to let the kids wave to Mom and Dad, enjoy the experience, and not get too stressed out. We, as parents, appreciated your flexibility, informality, and general great attitude!

i want to thank ms. anna for all her hard work and for really motivating my daughter to have fun and do her best. the show was great and i can’t wait for the next one!

This was our third year involved in the Dancercise Kids recital and I’ve been VERY impressed with how organized everything is, espeically considering the age of the performers. The costumes are great, the show is fun and we’ve really enjoyed our experience with it.

A great program and my daughter absolutely loves it! Her teacher, Lori, is great with the kids and is teaching them a lot, not just about dance, but about discipline as well. My child really looks forward to dance class at her daycare and loves getting to perform on stage for the big recital. I appreciate how well organized the recital is. I also love that there are quarterly mini-recitals at her daycare so I can watch her progress throughout the year. Great program – highly recommend it

We all had a great time! The grandparents were delighted to be a part of it and the relaxed atmosphere was perfect for everyone. We are looking forward to next year’s show.

Show was wonderful and gives a chance for the kids to show and work on their talents!